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YouXWallet is an online bitcoin investing firm that offers a daily return on investment of 0.3%. There are affiliate plans attached to the wallets. Higher tiered affiliates get better payments.

Is YouXWallet legit?

In our research, we could not find any kind of licenses or regulations followed by the company. Further we found that the address and owners of the business are not mentioned anywhere. Even though the site claims to be based in Estonia, most of the activity was coming out of Brazil.

Is YouXWallet Worth Investing?

YouXWallet has the trademark structure of a Ponzi Scheme. The more the number of people is brought in the organization, the better are the payments received. The impossible rate of returns and all the suspicious lack of information makes it not at all ideal for investing. For more information read this report.

What To Do In Case You Get Scammed By YouXWallet?

If your money has been scammed off by YouXWallet, contact us. We have a competent professional team that can recover your lost assets with ease.

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