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GTinvestors was one of the known forex traders. However, the trading of the company was put to an end after it was suspected as a scam broker. The website of the company is not active currently and there are no details regarding the company as well.


Also, the company was not a regulated one. Considering the reviews about GTinvestors, it can be said that it was involved in several scams and people have raised many complaints regarding the same. The common complaints that were listed include blocking of the users’ accounts, freezing accounts, losing access to login, lack of response from the team, shutting down of the website, etc.


Generally, a scam in the field of forex trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies is very common. So, one must go through the details about the company whether it is regulated or licenced. On the other hand, if you have been scammed by GTivetors, you can file a complaint at Funds Recovery.

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