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I was called by a lady claiming there is an opportunity to invest in comodities based on a so called coppy trade. I had to invest 500 USD on an xcritical platform that together with umarkets. After i invested the money i can see my funds going up online. But i cannot withdraw. After a couple of mails and claims on their website i decided to get help elsewhere.

bought bitcoins that went to bithub trading,com. Couldn’t trade out any of the “earnings,” without paying taxes, late payments, etc., and now they seem to have disappeared.

I have been trusting too easily to the companies and they have scammed me only. First selling of disinfectants and required registration fees etc. but newer at the en no trade. Consultation and again different fees to pay but newer received the payment of the work. Seeking to get a loan and asking differst fees and tax payments ij n advanv´ce but not any loan, cryptocurrency stealing and then offering recovery services byút always with some prepayments but newer results. Earlier I had money and incomes, but now on pension and all money gone, just poor and on rental house of the cíty.

Will here be payments in advance and is it possible to pay after the recovery and how much. Now I really do not have money, just depths.