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Worldwide CapitalFX is a Forex and Binary Options trading platform. It claims to have numerous financial products for trading. The entity does not provide a renowned MetaTrader and works with the unknown trading platform. In addition, the platform fails to publicize trading conditions properly.

Is Worldwide CapitalFX Legitimate?

Worldwide CapitalFX is an offshore unregulated platform located at 901 Main St. Dallas TX 75202. It does not provide any relevant details regarding its regulations. Thus, the entity seems to be illegitimate and operates illegally.

Is It Safe To Invest With Worldwide CapitalFX?

Worldwide CapitalFX has extremely low credibility in the market. Its official site has been shut down and it is out of business for the time being. Hence, it is better to avoid such a bogus entity while taking any investment decision.

What If Worldwide CapitalFX Scams You?

As per available information, we came to know that Worldwide CapitalFX has major red flags in the market. It has been blacklisted by Cyprus financial regulator CySEC. However, if you feel like being cheated by Worldwide CapitalFX, contact us. We assist you to retrieve your lost money.

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