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WizeTrade is online trading software. It helps traders to make money through Commodities, Stocks, Binary Options, and Forex trading. The software was developed by a group of expertise in the field of trading.

Is WizeTrade A Licensed Broker?

WizeTrade is an unregistered software owned by George Thompson & GlobalTec Solutions. The official website fails to provide any authentic credentials regarding its operations. WizeTrade site is also not working properly.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With WizeTrade?

WizeTrade is a dubious platform and lacks trustworthiness among investors. It works with full anonymity and thus it creates a sense of insecurity. Therefore, it is better to avoid such an illicit trading entity while taking investment decisions.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By WizeTrade?

Wize Trade reviews are an indication that the entity is involved in a full-fledged scam. Unfortunately, if you have been deceived by this entity, reach us out. We will deliver our best efforts to retrieve your lost money.

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