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Wise Banc is a forex broker introduced in 2017. It offers to trade in currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks as well as commodities. It has a good leverage level and even offers Islamic accounts.

Is Wise Banc Legit?

Wise Banc is not legit, it is blacklisted by the FCA and the Central Bank of Ireland. They have many negative reviews and have got caught up doing wrong practices as well.

Is Trading With Wise Banc Safe?

Wise Blanc, a company which is expelled by two regulators is not safe to trade with. There are lots of reviews by users stating that Wise Banc are scammers. Hence, your money is not safe if you do trade with this company.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Wise Banc?

There are lots of users who have been scammed by Wise Blanc. If you also get scammed by them then do not worry. We are here for you, required help will be offered in order to recover your money.

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