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VantageFX is a Forex Broker. It offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms to the clients. Also, mobile platforms like Zulu Trading and MyFXBook Autotrade are available for trading purposes. This company was set up in 2009. However, it was renamed in 2015. 

Is VantageFX Legit?

VantageFX has a license from Australia’s regulatory agency for securities and investments. AICS. However, that license lapsed and now they are regulated only in the Cayman Islands.

Is Trading With VantageFX Safe?

Trading with VantageFX involves risk as it is not publicly traded and also does not operate with any bank, which is also the reason why it is considered as an average-risk broker. The best thing, in this case, would be to go for a demo account first to have a clear idea about VantageFX. 

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By VantageFX?

If you have been scammed by VantageFX, then there is no need to worry. Reach us and we will help you to recover your money with our expert advice and proper procedure.

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