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Universal Markets trade is a widely available platform for CFD traders. The company allows  CFD trading including Major and Minor Forex Pairs, Market Indexes, Shares, Commodities, Crypto Currency, and Metals. 

Is Universal Markets Legit?

Universal Markets provide offshore trading services to clients across Europe. The company has an address listed on the island of St Vincent and Grenadines (SVAG). From our research, we concluded that there is a high probability of the company being illegal.

Should You Invest In Universal Markets?

Universal Markets is unregulated and also does not have any license for the services it provides. Many trading companies from the SVAG are scams due to low regulation and tax benefits of the legislative body. We strongly recommend not to invest assets through this company’s platform.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Universal Markets?

If you have been scammed by Universal Markets contact us. We will help you recover your lost funds with proper legal steps and consultation.

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