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TraderKing is a platform that has been created with an aim to build a community for cryptocurrency and other options of trading. The company is a foreign exchange broker and it claims to have more than 100 instruments for trading such as metals, oil, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs, etc. In addition, the company allegedly provides several trading platforms like MetaTrader 4. 

Is TraderKing Registered?

From what we have gathered, TraderKing is an offshore broker. We are not sure whether the company is registered or not. However, the details of the company, and other details regarding the regulation of the company and false information has led us to believe that it is not safe.

Is It Safe To Invest With TraderKing?

After thorough research, we feel that it is not safe to invest with this company as there are a lot of red flags and the company does not seem authentic.

What To Do If You Get Scammed By TraderKing?

If you get scammed by TraderKing, you can call our experts to seek their help. We will ensure that you get your lost money back. 

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