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Trade 212 is an online brokerage that aims to make the world of trading securities and Forex more available. It also allows traders to experiment with platforms and find the one that suits them best through the demo account.

Is Trade 212 Legit?

As per the research, Trade 212 is regulated by the FCA in the UK, the FCS in Bulgaria. Also, user reviews also suggest that Trade212 is legit but not entirely safe.

Is Trading With Trade 212 Safe?

Going as per the search results, Trade 212 does not have phone support or live chat to help if any difficulty arises. Also, withdrawals are limited as per the payment method. Hence, it is quite risky to trade with Trade 212. 

What Would Be The Next Course of Action If You Got Scammed By BinaryMate?

If Trade 212 scammed you then no need to worry as unfortunate things happen. Simply, connect with us as we will help you to recover your money.

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