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TopTrades is an offshore Forex trading company. It offers its customers good returns on investment plus other benefits. 

Is TopTrades Legit?

TopTrades has no legal information available on its website. Also, we found false information provided by the company regarding its regulatory body. From that, we infer that the company is a front for scammers.

Should You Invest In TopTrades?

We recommend you do not invest in TopTrades. The company has no legal information and is also unclear about its terms of business. Also, the company is an unregulated brokerage. Therefore the money invested is totally at risk. It is better for you to invest with a renowned and regulated firm.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By TopTrades?

If you have been scammed by TopTrades, do not worry. Contact us with all the necessary documents. We will review your case and with our highly experienced workforce recover your money fast without much hassle.

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