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Titan Trade is a CFD and Forex trading service. The company website does not have any other information available on contact details and registration. There are instances in which customers got calls about their accounts being transferred to Titan Trade.

Is Titan Trade Regulated?

No, Titan Trade is not registered with any of the authorized organizations. The company website also does not have any details on contact details and accreditation. 

Can You Invest In Titan Trade?

There are complaints about receiving calls from Titan Trade about accounts being transferred to them. There will be a record of transfers and your account details in the fake account. When customers fall for this, they will get scammed of the investment they made. So it is not safe to invest in Titan Trade.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Investment With Titan Trade?

In case you have lost your investment with Titan Trade, you can contact our expert team at Funds Recovery. We have experience in handling and reclaiming lost funds in financial scams.

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