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SmartTrade FX is a Forex market investment company offering its clients different returns on investment based on the account type and amount invested.

Is SmartTrade FX Regulated?

The company is an offshore broker under Saint Vincent and Grenadines (SVG). Being a part of the SVG financial regime such companies do not face a ban in both the US or UK markets. However such companies are still kept under constant vigilance by the government, which hints at a considerable probability of possible mischief.

Should Users Invest In The Market Using SmartTrade FX?

The SVG has a very liberal registration procedure for Forex trading companies. So a lot of scammers can easily set up Forex trading companies under their structure. If users want to invest in SmartTrade FX they should hence be wary of being scammed. It is advisable to better invest in companies that are FCA approved.

What To Do If SmartTrade FX Scams You?

SmartTrade FX has an unclear reputation and most likely can be a scam. We can help investors who have lost money via this company. Our services are available worldwide and we even offer free initial consultation.

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