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Pro X Finance is a trading firm that offers FX and CFD trading services. It is registered in the Marshall Islands. It has attractive claims like an 83% personal win rate average.

Is Pro X Finance Registered?

No, Pro X Finance is not registered under a recognized authority. It is an offshore company in the Marshall Islands. It does not have any license to offer financial services from recognized financial organizations.

Is It Safe To Invest With Pro X Finance?

Pro X Finance is an offshore company, and the claims on returns and information about the management of the firm available online are not clear enough. It is not safe to invest with brokers who have not been authorized by FCA and other regulatory bodies.

What If You Have Been Scammed By Pro X Finance?

If you have lost money with Pro X Finance, you can consult with our expert team at Funds Recovery. We will help you with the process of recovering your lost funds.

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