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Prfoodty Prfoodty is an online store that sells various products such as scooters, small cars, electric motorbike,s and so on. It also claims to sell the newest technology items. The official website name is -   

Is Prfoodty Legit?

Prfoodty does not have any security measures to secure the personal information of its clients. However, the legit stores always focus on securing the information of the clients. The company has not revealed its identity as well. Hence, we conclude that this company is not legit. 

Is Purchasing From Prfoodty Safe?

It is not safe to buy products from Prfoodty. There are reviews that state buyers not getting their order and losing money. Also, it is important to have an idea of what other buyers think about Prfoodty. There are also reviews stating that this company is doing a scam. 

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Prfoodty?

Buying from Prfoodty is not safe. In case the company scams you, do not worry. Reach out to us as we will assist you accordingly so that you get your money back.

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