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Premium Brokers is known to be an international broker that provides a platform for trading of multi-assets. The company also claims that it provides low market rates, and transparent deals, among many other luring offers. 

Is Premium Brokers Licensed? 

As per our investigation, Premium Brokers is not legit and hence, not a safe company. Moreover, the Spanish regulator, that is, CNMV has blacklisted premium brokers. 

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With Premium Brokers?

No, it is not at all safe to make an investment with Premium Brokers as the company is not legit, it has been blacklisted by CNMV, and has provided incomplete information. You should only invest with a company that is licensed, to stay away from any kind of scams.

What To Do If Premium Brokers Scams You?

In case you become the victim of Premium Brokers’ scam, and you do not know how to take it from there, then do not worry as you can call our experienced, and trained experts who will do the needful to get your money back in your hands.

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