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Opportunity Trade is a Forex broker that offers STP type of trading. The broker is owned and operated by the Boton Development Ltd.

Is Opportunity Trade An Authorized Broker?

Opportunity Trade claims to provide business clients with superior service and expertise in foreign exchange and global payments but in reality, many negative feedbacks and responses have been enlisted. The terms and conditions on the website state that the company is under the UK’s jurisdiction, although the company is not registered in the United Kingdom.

Is It Safe To Make A Deal With Opportunity Trade?

Investing with Opportunity Trade may lead you to a very unsafe end. Many traders have complained against Opportunity Trade for cheating and scamming their money and posted numerous negative feedbacks on specific websites. Therefore it would be better to invest with some authorized companies.

How To Retrieve BackYour Money If You Fall Into Trap Of Opportunity Trade.

If you have fallen into the dirty money trap hole of Opportunity Trade, you can reach out to us, and our team will help you recover your amount.

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