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Nextgain is one of those trading platforms who make big claims and promise high profits to their investors. The company allegedly also assures its investors that they will get a fixed interest on their investments, regardless of the market's state.

Is Nextgain Regulated?

From the information that we have gathered from our investigation, we have found out that Nextgain has provided various forms to prove that they are regulated. However, we have found out that those forms and documents are fake and that the company is not regulated. 

Is It Safe To Invest With Nextgain?

The company has not only made impossible promises of giving fixed interests, but they have also made false claims of being regulated. All of this leads us to the conclusion that it is definitely not safe to invest with Nextgain.

What If You Get Scammed By Nextgain?

If you become a victim of the company's scam, you can reach out to us and our trained individuals will make it a point to get your money back by any means.

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