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Myfxbook is a reputed automated analytical tool for Forex traders started by two Israeli brothers Alexa and Pavel Rekun in 2009. The tools help in the verification and strategic analysis of the different Forex brokerage firms. The minimum deposit for opening an account is $1000 and as for the leverage, it varies among brokers. The company promises to provide better guidance and tools for traders in the future.

Is Myfxbook Regulated?

Myfxbook claims to be a legit and transparent company but the reality is far from the claim. It provides an offshore location, the British Virgin Islands. Thus, the legitimacy of the company is a matter of suspicion.

Should You Invest With Myfxbook?

Myfxbook is an unregulated forum and also charges a very high amount from the clients. Being in the market for more than decades the firm has grown its popularity but it lacks credibility in the market. Hence, it is advisable not to indulge with Myfxbook for any sort of investment.

What If Myfxbook Scams You?

Myfxbook has received mixed feedback from the traders. It also faces some allegations of being a scammer. Therefore, if you feel being deceived by My fx book, reach out to us. Our team of experts will help you to retrieve your sum.

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