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My Passive Trades provides a passive income stream using the financial trades mirrored in your account. The firm offers a 1.25% daily return on investment rate.

Is My Passive Trades Legit?

My Passive Trades is most probably a trade scam. The company claims to be registered to Polaris Universal based in the UK. The company or its parent company none are registered in the FCA registry. Therefore, My Passive Trades’ operations are to be considered illegal.

Should You Invest With My Passive Trades?

My Passive Trades gives a return on investment rate as high as 1.25% daily, which is simply impossible. This alone should be enough to red flag the company as a scam. Added to that, the company has no licenses. Therefore we strongly recommend you not to invest with this company.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By My Passive Trades?

If you have been scammed by My Passive Trades, you can contact us. We have the necessary tools and an experienced workforce to handle your case skillfully and get you your money back fast.

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