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MultiMiner is an application that has been designed for the mining of the crypto-coin on Linux, Windows, and OS X. The application is graphical and has simplified the process of switching the individual devices for several cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, and Bitcoin. 

Is MultiMiner Registered?

There is no record of the company with the UK Companies House. Moreover, the address that has been given by the company is incorrect. This leads us to the conclusion that MultiMiner is not legitimate.

Is Investing With MultiMiner A Safe Call?

No, as there are a lot of red flags and indications according to our MultiMiner review that MultiMiner might be illegal, it is not safe to invest in them.

What To Do If I Get Scammed By MultiMiner?

If you get stuck in MultiMiner's bait and you are having trouble in recovering your funds, do not worry. You can reach us and we assure you that our experts will do their best to get your money back.

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