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LTCMiner is a Cryptocurrency trading and investment company that enables users to mine Bitcoins or alternative Cryptocurrencies via cloud mining platform. The company was founded in the year 2017.

Is Legit?

LTCMiner is not a legit company since there is no information regarding its regulation. Moreover, it is an offshore company, which was previously blacklisted by FCA.

Is It Safe To Invest With LTCMiner?

Since LTCMiner has a history of being blacklisted by FCA, this company cannot be trusted for investment. One must avoid any company, be it investing or trading if the company is blacklisted or has a review of scamming.

How To Recover Back Your Scammed Money From LTCMiner?

While recovering the investment fund that has been scammed by companies like LTCMiner, you can still file a complaint against the fraudsters. Funds Recovery is such a company that helps users raise a complaint and recover the invested amount.

What people say

  • I started to use the miner back 2019 and using the free 1.0 v a couple of days had past and i tried to withdraw but couldn't then weeks went by and still nothing so gave up and forgot about the then about 14 months had gone by when i came across the miner again so i checked up got into it and it had about 22 lite coins mined so i tested and took out withdraw with the minimum permitted it would let me then i upgraded to 1.1v the withdraw were a bit higher but still not much then i went to the 1.2 v that cost me 1 ltc plus the .25 ltc for the version before it still would let withdraw the minimum which was about 50 to 67 cents then all of sudden it stopped letting me withdraw and wanted me to upgrade again but this time instead of going to 1.3v i decided to do the 1.4 v it was 5 ltc came out to be 1240. Dlls when i did the transaction i made sure the wallet was the right address i even double checked and they were the same address from my wallet to the address of the miner for the upgrade but as soon as i pressed to make the transaction it went to a different screen it showed me a different address and that i had upgraded to there 4.0 version that cost i believe 7 and that it will clear as soon as i deposit the rest i panicked and clicked out of that screen to report to my platform i used to send it and by the time to they got back to me it was way too late but i did report it to them i also sent various letters to the address so i am out a total of 6.30 ltc and still can't make a withdraw even though it says they can be processed manually with 30 days and that's a lie i did some with draws and they were left pending but more than a month has past i went to the ltc page my withdraws are no longer posted pending they are gone not showing and not paid to

  • Big scam. I invested 3.5 lietcoin very long don't get buy my plan premium version 1.4 please back my 3.5 lietcoin