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K2 Wall Steet is an online trading brokerage that claims to have offices in London and New York. The website aims to offer trading services in the UK and the US. It is a part of the K2 Wall Street Co Ltd, which is based in the UK.

Is K2 Wall Street Regulated?

No K2 Wall Steet is not a regulated financial service provider with the approval from one of the financial regulatory authorities in the UK (Financial Conduct Authority – FCA) or the US. There is also no information on the registration details of the firm.

Are Your Funds Safe With K2 Wall Street?

Your funds may not be safe with the K2 Wall Street. It is an unregulated financial service provider without the approval to offer trading services. The FCA warns that this is not an authorized firm. 

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investments With K2 Wall Street?

If you have lost your investment with the K2 Wall Street, you can contact the expert team of Funds Recovery. We will help you with the process of reclaiming the lost funds.

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