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I have 26635 euro blocked abusively by

On 1th of August 2019, I have opened the account 13079686 with 4500 euro deposed and a bonus accorded ilegaly to an EU citizen, of 4500 euro. After I made some transactions I had a total of 26635 euro, so I want to retreat my money since December 2019. At the beginning they told me that yhere was an error that my nank account has another adreess than my ID account. After I had fixed this problem, they did not want to make the transfer for a few months and when I wanted to put the money back in the platform they told me that they will do it in 2-3 days and for a month nothing happened.

They blocked my money illegaly. I made a CYSEC compalint on 12th of June 2020, and I had no answer from you. Since then they do not answer to any email or phone. I attach here dozen of emails through the ironfx support adress promised me to solve this problem, until the day I have made the CYSEC complaint, when they closed the correspondence.

With respect,
Tedy Crestin