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IMC offers worldwide trading in Forex and CFDs. The company has lucrative offers for new investors. The owners of the company are KBS Capital Markets Ltd based off the Marshall Islands.

Is IMC Trades legit?

IMC capital scam has been reported by many investors. The company carries no licenses to trade worldwide. The company has also received warnings from the financial regulatory body of Italy.

Is IMC Trade Worth Investing Money?

The company has shady operations and IMC capital scams have been reported before. This makes the company not at all suitable for investment. Also, many of the trading companies set up on the Marshall Islands have high chances of being scams because of the low vigilance and lenient rules for setting up new companies there.

How To Recover Money Scammed By IMC Trade?

Firstly, do not worry. Reach out to us via email or telephone. We have the technical know-how and the experience for setting up a case in your favour and getting your money back from IMC Trades.

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