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HedgeCoin is a cryptocurrency mining company set up by scientists who work on blockchains. The site alleges to offer users the best cryptocurrency exchange rates. 

Is HedgeCoin legit?

HedgeCoin is definitely illegal. Just after opening the site, we understood that the owners had no idea what cryptocurrency mining actually was. The company does not know much about data centres and gives a lot of generic information on its website. It is run by scammers to steal cryptocurrencies.

Should You Invest In HedgeCoin?

Do not invest in HedgeCoin. The company is definitely a scam. Even after our research, we could not find any owners or any kind of address for the firm. Money invested here will definitely get stolen.

What To Do If You Get Scammed By HedgeCoin?

HedgeCoin has been scamming people for a long time. If you are its latest victim contact us with your case details. After understanding your case our experts will provide you with the best ways to recover your money back.

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