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GoStreams is known to be an offshore broker which is owned by Streams Global Markets LLC. The company is said to have designed a platform that allows traders to make profits in the field of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Is GoStreams Registered?

In case you are wondering if GoStreams is safe, there were no leads that could tell us about GoStreams' legitimacy. No information leads us to believe that the company is not safe. Moreover, as it is not sure whether the company is legitimate or not, it becomes unsafe as offshore brokers who are anonymous do not hold accountability.

Is It Safe To Invest With GoStreams?

According to our GoStreams review, we recommend you to avoid investing with GoStreams. You should look for a broker that is legitimate, and appropriately regulated so that you do not face any issues.

What Do You Do In Case GoStreams Scams You?

If you get scammed by the company, you can give us a call and avail our funds recovery services. Our trained individuals will ensure that you get your money back.

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