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FxTrader claims to be a regulated Financial Service Provider in New Zealand, but that simply turned out not to be true. Also, no company name or corporate details, not even a phone number is provided – just some post box address, which simply does not count.

Is FXTrader Registered?

FXTrader is not registered or licensed which left us to assume that it is also not regulated. Unregulated companies can not operate in a regulated country. Hence, we conclude that this company is not legit.

 Is Trading With FXTrader  Safe?

Trading with FXTrader is always risky because a smart trader will go through other traders in order to get an idea about what happened with the invested money. Also, it is not safe because it is an offshore company.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By FXTrader?

Getting scammed nowadays is common. If you are scammed by FXTrader then do not worry, we will help you in order to recover the amount back.

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