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ECN Capital is a company that is registered in Larnaca which is in Cyprus. The company allegedly provides a platform for its customers where they can trade different currencies, commodities, and many other products. 

Is ECN Capital Registered?

We have found out that ECN Capital is based in Cyprus and thus, to provide these services, it has to be registered with CySEC. However, the company is not registered with CySEC and therefore, it is not authorised to provide any such service.  

Is It Safe To Invest With ECN Capital? 

No, it is clearly not safe for you to invest with ECN Capital as the company is not only not authorised to provide its financial services, but it has also gained a lot of negative response which leads us to believe that it is a fraud. 

What Do You Do If ECN Capital Scams You?

In case you get scammed by ECN Capital, you can give us a call and our experts will ensure that you get your funds back. 

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