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Cryptoplus is an investment and trading firm that offers combined services in cryptocurrency trading and mining. It offers Forex Trading services, and they claim that investing 50 bitcoins for the basic plan will give you a monthly 40% in return.

Is Cryptoplus Registered?

Cryptoplus is not a regulated trading and investment service. There is no information on where the company is registered and accreditation from regulatory authorities and organizations like the BBB.

Is It Safe To Invest With Cryptoplus?

Cryptoplus is not a regulated trading service provider, and it is not safe to invest with them. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) issued a warning against Cryptoplus for offering financial services without proper approval. 

What To Do If You Lost Money With Cryptoplus?

If you have lost your investment with Cryptoplus, you can contact Funds Recovery. The Funds Recovery experienced professionals will recover the lost funds for you. 

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