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Cryptofy is an online trading platform that offers a high yield investment program (HYIP). The entity is engaged in financial services related to trading on cryptocurrencies. The company claims to have a team of experts who provides overall investment plans to its investors. Cryptofy promises to deliver a stable return in the volatile market of cryptocurrency.

Is Cryptofy Legit?

Cryptofy is an unregulated forum. Its website is uninformative, it fails to provide any valuable information about the company. The company is being run by anonymous traders. Nobody knows who owns it and how they operate such a popular platform in the crypto world.

Is It Safe To Invest With Crypto?

Cryptofy is an illegal entity. The company lacks authenticity and thus it creates a sense of distrust among investors. As per available information, Cryptofy is not reliable and it might abuse regulations in the future course. Therefore, it is advisable not to invest in this company.

What If Crypto Scams You?

Cryptofy is a suspicious platform. It does not have any obligations towards its investors. The company is facing some serious scam issues with its investors. Unfortunately, if you are among the victims, reach us out. We will make sure that you retrieve your lost funds.

What people say

  • This company continued to take money from me after they found out about the hack on their platform. They claimed to be supportive and say they were processing refunds. We were instructed to send over the processing fee and a refund would follow shortly. Lies. As soon as I sent over, they deleted their support account on telegram. They claim to be honest and reliable, Lies again. Not they have opened another platform under a different name. I’d advise not to waste time or money. Yea I the beginning they’ll feel you in, seeming legit by doing small payouts when requested. Then as soon as you think, “ these guys are pretty good”, the payouts will ll stop and they will say they’ve been hacked. BEWARE, there are actually honest sites out there that work, this group just haven’t held up to their word.