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Crypto Options Trader is a Binary Options brokerage firm that primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies. It claims to offer a wide range of digital coins for trading. The broker does not support the popular MT4 trading platform. The entity fails to share much of its corporate information regarding trading conditions, platform, minimum deposit, leverage ratio.

Is Crypto Options Trader Regulated?

Crypto Options Trader is an unregulated platform. It lacks legal validations as well as proper regulations. The entity incompetent to provide information about who owns or runs the platform. Thus, the broker seems to illegitimate one.

Is It Safe To Invest With Crypto Options Trader?

Crypto Options Trader is a notorious platform just like another bogus player in the crypto market. It has zero credibility in the market and works with full anonymity. Investing with such an unscrupulous platform might result in adverse consequences, loss of capital, and time.

Want To Recover Back Your Lost Money From Crypto Options Trader?

As per available information, Crypto Options Trader has some major red flags in the market. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK has issued a serious warning against the entity. Unfortunately, if you have been scammed by Crypto Options Trader, contact us. We will assist you in getting your funds recovered.

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