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CoinBank is one of the most popular companies that allows users an all-in-one gateway to various blockchain services. As mention on its website, the company provides users with wallet, cards, exchange, merchant and mobile app. Hence, one can buy a crypto wallet, bitcoin or litecoin, etc easily.   The company aims at providing the best possible digital currency experience across on both iOS and Android devices. The wallet allows users to easily store money, request or send the same. In addition to these services, CoinBank also offers people to start fixed deposit. Hence, users can now invest bitcoins as fixed deposit and grow their wallet.   However, be careful while you use the platform for your investment and trading. Many a time, the trading result is fraudulent activities. In case you feel that you have been cheated or scammed by the company, you can raise a complaint at Funds Recovery, a company that will help you recover your loss due to fraud.

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