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Coin-Gen is known to be an MLM company. This means that the company will make you their affiliate and you can earn money. They also expect you to make an investment and promise you of profits. The biggest red flag of this company is that the owner of the company is unknown. The company claims to be running for a total of 685 days. However, on further investigation, we found that it was privately registered on 26th February, 2020. Which makes their claim false. 

Is Coin-Gen Legitimate?

Coin-Gen is registered privately. However, the red flags that are present, lead us to believe that the company is not authentic.

Is It Safe To Invest With Coin-Gen?

No, it is not safe to invest with Coin-Gen as the company has made false claims, and it has not revealed owner's information.

What To Do In Case Coin-Gen Scams You?

If you get scammed by Coin-Gen, you can contact us to get your hands on our fund recovery services. Our experts will do the needful to ensure that we get your money back.

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