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Caesar Trade is a Forex broker from New Zealand. It offers trading options for Forex, Gold & Silver, Commodities, and other equities. The accounts start with a minimum deposit of $ 250.

Is Caesar Trade Registered?

Caesar Trade was registered under the Financial Service Provider in New Zealand to offer trading services. But it is not a recognized authority which can allow trading in other countries. Based on the complaints from the users, Caesar Trade struggled to keep up with the payments.

Can you invest in Caesar Trade?

Caesar Trade ceased its operations and is no longer accepting any investments. There were various complaints and lawsuits against this company regarding unable to keep the promise on payments and returns. 

What to do if you lost money with Caesar Trade?

If you have lost money with the Caesar Trade scam, you can contact our expert team using the chatbox on our website. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the process of reclaiming your funds. 

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