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Known as the coin tumbler, Bitpetite is a trading platform for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The website of this company goes by and it is an online platform.

Is Bitpetite Regulated?

After thorough research about this company, we have found out that Bitpetite is unregulated which makes it unaccountable for what it does with your funds. Hence, making it unsafe to invest with it.

Is It Safe For You To Invest With Bitpetite?

As the company is unregulated, we do not recommend you to invest with Bitpetite. It is never safe to invest in a company that is not authentic.

What If Bitpetite Scams You?

In case you get scammed by Bitpetite, then you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to do is give us a call, and our experts will ensure that your funds get recovered. Our professionals will do the needful to get your money back.

What people say

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I invested in bitpetite when i first heard of them investing alot more money than I should have. Around almost $3000, and they all of a sudden vanished one day. People on YouTube made videos of them doing something called an “exit scam” taking everyones money that invested in them. It all happened around the same time bitconnect scammed.

I had funds in bitpetite , my username was kurt1980 – I can’t recall
exactly how many ETH I had in there 5-10 possibly – I also think I had
some LTC too.
I’m not sure how you can help – I’m contactable via email . Thank you Kurt