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Banque Nationale Investissements or National Bank Investments is an investment fund management company. It is a subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada. It provides services like the development and distribution of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and investment solutions.

Is Banque Nationale Investissements Regulated?

Banque Nationale Investissement’s official website does not mention any details on the regulation details and authorization from financial regulatory authorities. But the firm is part of the National Bank of Canada.

Can You Invest With Banque Nationale Investissements?

Banque Nationale Investissements offers many investment solutions. Investors are advised to be aware of the risks in mutual funds and other investment solutions. All the decisions regarding the investment should be taken after considering the risks.

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investment With Banque Nationale Investissements?

If you have lost your investment with Banque Nationale Investissements, you can contact the expert team of Funds Recovery. We will help you to reclaim the funds.

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