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Arbistar is a popular cryptocurrency Multilevel Marketing (MLM) niche company based in Spain. It does not offer any retail products or services, but anyone can sign up and become a member of the affiliate program. The company helps its clients to make money with advanced technology trading bot. Arbistar CEO Santi Fuentes manages all its operations, he possesses good experience in referral marketing.

Is Arbistar Registered?

Arbistar claims itself to be registered in Spain but there is not any verifiable evidence to prove its claim. There is a lot of dubious information about the company on the internet. Thus, the legitimacy of the entity is a matter of concern.

Is It Safe To Invest With Arbistar?

Arbistar is an affiliate based program and lures its clients with lucrative returns in a short period. The minimum investment of € 100 in Bitcoins to start an affiliate campaign. Hence, we recommend you not to associate with Arbistar’s investment prospectus, it lacks credibility.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Arbistar?

Arbistar has not received any positive feedback from the investors. Some investors allege that the company is a full-fledged Ponzi scam. Unfortunately, if you have been deceived by Arbistar, connect with us. We will deliver our best efforts to recover your lost funds.

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