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Altinvest is an investment firm that offers good trading facilities and returns. On the website, it shows that the company is owned by Altinvest Finance Limited and is located in Vanuatu.

Is Altinvest Legit?

Altinvest is based in Vanuatu, this makes the company an offshore brokerage. Offshore firms do not follow any strict regulatory policies and therefore have a high chance of being scams. Also, we could not find any clear details about the functioning of the company on its website.

Should You Invest With Altinvest?

Altinvest is an offshore brokerage firm with not many clear details about its procedures. The money invested with this firm will be constantly at risk of being scammed. Therefore it is better for you to invest with a firm that is more widely recognized.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By Altinvest?

If you have been scammed by Altinvest, contact us with your case details via the contact information mentioned on our website. We will go through your case and with the help of our dedicated professionals give you the best chances of getting your money back.

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