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We have all fantasized about what we would do if we won the lottery. Getting from rags to riches overnight is the everlasting dream, and this is what scammers exploit. Many cons start with the hook presenting the get-rich-quick opportunity, and winning the lottery fits right in. 

Congratulations! You’ve Won the Lottery! 

The scam starts with an email, text message, or even a phone call notifying the target that they have won some sort of lottery. Ordinarily, the scam will present itself as an official lottery institution from abroad. The first warning sign is the fact that the target has never applied for a lottery competition. They have never bought a raffle ticket, given money to a sweepstake, or signed into a pot drawing event. No official lottery institution will give out winnings to people who aren’t willing participants.       

If the victim engages in the scam, they will soon encounter an explanation that they can’t simply collect their prize. As a rule, in order to obtain their money, the winner has to pay a small collectors fee or transfer costs. Furthermore, the con will impose a sense of urgency. For example, the chance to withdraw the money expires after 24 hours. Since there is no lottery prize, the target gives the money to the scammer who disappears. 

More Glittering Prizes 

The lottery con can use various forms of prizes to entice its victims. By using the affinity scam the fraudsters can form special winnings that could be tempting to an individual. People may receive notifications of give-aways like free cruises and trip packages, expensive cars, state-of-the-art computer systems, and even real estate. 

Whatever the enticing element is, the rest of the scam functions the same. The person quickly discovers they need to pay a specific fee in order to collect their winning. The amount of money is always small in comparison to the prize, but it can go up to thousands of dollars.  



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    Fake Discount Winnings 

    In this scenario, the individual receives an email or message promoting a limited-time offer for a massive discount. For instance, a target can book a trip for 90% less, or buy luxury items for a pittance. The trick is that the discount is phony, as the goods and services actually cost less than presented. The victim ends up making an overpriced purchase under the guise of a fantastic sale. Be warned, that this type of marketing scam is legal in some countries. 

    Gambling Money Prize 

    Fraudulent gambling sites often lure people by giving away ‘free gambling money’. It seems like the target has won a hefty sum, but that is not actual money. In fact, the target is offered a credit that they can spend on games in the online gambling portal. The terms of use are set in such a way that the prize winner needs to spend the credit playing luck games, with the chance of winning actual money. In the end, the target starts spending their money on membership fees and games with unfavorable winning odds. 

    Note that this type of promotional offer is legal in many countries.        

    Phishing and Vishing

    Lottery scams employ phishing as the most common entry point. This is the practice of getting unsolicited emails or messages on social networks or an app. For this type of fraud, the sender poses as an official and legitimate lottery foundation, and they go to great lengths to achieve this. The email might have a respectable presentation with the logo. 

    Vishing is also a regularly employed tactic for many lottery scams. The term is a portmanteau that combines the words voice and phishing. It functions similarly to phishing, but instead of an email, the target receives an unsolicited phone call. This is a more direct approach, and a target might find it difficult to say no. The callers use manipulation techniques to make their victims give away their money or financial information.

    What to Do in Case of a Lottery Scam? 

    It is a misconception that victims of cons are gullible uneducated elderly citizens. These schemes are specially designed and socially engineered in such a way that anyone can fall for them. Lottery scams are no different. 

    If you’ve received a financial injury from this type of fraud, there are options you can take. We at Funds Recovery provide unique services that will help you return your money. Our experts have successfully helped a multitude of scam victims, and they are at your disposal. They can evaluate your case and form the most appropriate plan for your financial remedy. 

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