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About: is a trading platform that offers CFD, CryptoCurrency, and Forex trading options. The company is in operation from 2019. There are no details regarding the ownership and accreditation details on the website.

Is XP Trade Registered?

XP Trade official website mentions nothing about accreditation from recognized authorities. Their name is also not listed in any of the recognized trading platform lists. 

Is It Safe For You Invest In XP Trade?

XP Trading website went offline, and it looks like they are no longer accepting new registrations. It is not safe to invest in anonymous trading platforms like XP Trading, which is not registered. 

What To Do When You Have Lost Money With XP Trading?

Unregistered and anonymous trading services that offer dubious claims on profits are often problematic. If you have lost your funds on the XP Trading scam, you can contact us to help with the process of reclaiming your funds.

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