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XEcrypto Bank introduces itself as a cryptocurrency CFD broker. It has a limited number of financial instruments to trade with. The broker supports the popular Sirix trading platform and has a minimum deposit of €250. The platform is poorly designed which creates a lot of problems.

Is XEcrypto Bank Registered?

XEcrypto Bank is an unregulated trading platform allegedly based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It fails to share any substantial information regarding its regulations and legal validations. Furthermore, no one knows who owns or runs the entity. 

Should You Invest with XEcrypto Bank?

XEcrypto Bank's characteristics are similar to other fraudulent platforms. It lacks the clarity of information and credibility in the markets. The official site is down for the time being. Hence, it is better to stay away from such a doubtful entity for and sorts of investments.

What If XEcrypto Bank Scams You?

XEcrypto Bank has received mostly negative reviews from investors. It has also received serious warnings from financial jurisdictions of Malta and Portugal. Sadly, if you have been victimized by a XEcrypto Bank scam, conduct us. We will help you retrieve your lost money.

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