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WhaleClub is a Forex broker. It offers Bitcoin-powered trading currency platforms to its users. Whaleclub was founded in 2014 by former banker Perry Steegen. Trades require a unique email address to register.

Is WhaleClub Legit?

WhaleClub is not regulated and unregistered which means that it can not operate in any regulated country. Hence, it is obvious that this company is not legit to trade with.

How Safe Is It To Use WhaleClub?

After going through the WhaleClub review, it is clear that if you do trade with this company then your money is at risk because recovering money from an unregulated broker is highly risky. 

What Would Be The Next Course of Action If You Got Scammed By WhaleClub?

If WhaleClub scams you then do not feel down. Do reach out to us, all you need is expert help and we will help you in the process of recovering money.

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