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Westgate Group LLC offers real estate brokerage service, founded in 2008. It provides advisory, assets, property and many more services which people find hard to get. It has clients all over the world. 

Is Westgate Group LLC Legit?

Going as per the complaints of their own clients, Westgate Group is not legit. Also, no leads of being registered were found. Hence, you might get stuck in a Westgate Group LLC payday loans scam.

Is Taking Loan from Westgate Group LLC Safe?

No problems will be faced while taking loans. However, post paying the loans also, you will get notifications, daily calls from this broker and they will tell you to pay again without providing a complete explanation. There are numbers of complaints posted by the customers.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Westgate Group LLC?

If you have been scammed by Westgate Group LLC, you can simply reach out to us for help. We can assist you with the necessary steps and advice which you can use to get your money back.

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