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WealthSimple Trade is a trading and broker service that allows you to trade stocks without any fees for withdrawal, maintenance, and other charges. The firm has multiple account types like Personal account, RRSP, and TFSA.

Is WealthSimple Trade Regulated?

WealthSimple Trade is a regulated financial service provider who offers trading services in the US and Canada. The firm provides personal accounts with low commission and inactivity fees.

Is It Safe to Invest With WealthSimple Trade?

WealthSimple Trade is a trading platform that offers multiple account types and trading platforms. At the same time, because the plans are focused on providing basic investment features without commission and other charges, the investing options and profit are not sufficient. 

What To Do If You Lost Money With WealthSimple Trade?

If you have lost your investment with WealthSimple Trade, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our experienced professionals will help you recover the funds.

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