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VXX is is an Exchange Traded Note (ETN) based on the VIX short-term futures. It is more of a debt instrument that can make you money over a short time frame. It is a volatility product comprised of the first two months/VX futures with continuously changing weights. 

Is VXX Legit?

VXX is a volatility product that is useful in periods of major economic changes. If there are any new major market-moving events such as rate adjustment, Federal reserve, or government shutdown. 

Is It Safe To Invest In VXX?

VXX is not safe to invest with because of its unpredictability and short-term profits. If you are keeping the VXX investment for a long time, you may end up with a nasty surprise. 

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investments With VXX?

If you have invested in VXX based on the VXX Twits from Stock Twits and lost your investment, you can contact Funds Recovery. We can help you recover the lost funds if you have lost money because of an issue caused by the trader or other financial schemes.

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