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Vip Brokers is an online trading Forex site and also facilitates trading in Binary Options. It offers to trade in various other instruments as well like cryptocurrencies, indices, shares and commodities. The company has a history of luring clients from different countries.

Is Vip Brokers Regulated?

Vip Brokers is an unregulated platform located at Shelton Street – 71-75, Covent Garden, London. All the contact information on its official website is unreachable. Also, the company's website is down for the time being.

Is Your Money Safe With Vip Brokers?

Vip Brokers lacks accountability and also it is also not regulated by any financial body. As per available information, the company operates in full anonymity and lacks transparency. Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to invest in Vip Brokers.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Vip Brokers?

Vip Brokers review club shows a huge red flag. Its initial operations predict that it might turn into a huge scam. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a serious warning against this entity. Many individuals allege Vip Brokers of duping their funds. Sadly, if you are among the victims, connect with us. We will assist you to retrieve your lost money.

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