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UPTOS is an online trading service provider with multi-asset trading services like currencies, shares, commodities, and shares. It offers services through the MT5 platform and Webtrader.

Is UPTOS Regulated Broker?

UPTOS is registered in St. Vincent & Grenadines and can be considered an offshore broker. There is no other information available on the accreditation and regulation of the firm. 

Is It Safe To Invest With UPTOS?

UPTOS is safe to invest in based on the online reviews available and the number of users. At the same, it cannot provide services in the US because it is an unregulated offshore broker. So traders have to consider the risks of investing with unregulated offshore brokers.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your Investment With UPTOS?

If you have lost your investment with UPTOS, you can contact Funds Recovery. We have experienced professionals who will recover the lost funds for you. 

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