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United FCG is a Forex broker offering to trade with multiple financial asset classes including Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices. The firm did not have discloses too much corporate information on the internet. Moreover, the firm also claims to offer consultancy services.

Is United FCG A Licensed Broker?

United FCG is an unregulated platform, presumably based in Bulgaria. It fails to provide any substantial information about its rules and regulations. Thus, we can conclude that the firm is an illegitimate entity.

Is It Safe To Invest With United FCG?

As per research, United FCG is a highly suspicious platform. It works with full anonymity and does not have any provision for the safety of investor's funds. The website is down for the time being. Hence, associating with such an illegal entity for investment purposes is strictly avoided.

What To Do When Scammed By United FGC?

United FCG is a fraudulent company, no conclusive reviews were found. Moreover, the British Columbia Services Commission has issued a public warning against the entity. If you have been deceived by United FCG, connect with us. We will make sure you get back your lost funds.

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