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UK Forex or OFX (name changed) is a currency exchange service. It offers a competitive price on currency exchange. The OFX is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and Trades. It is one of the popular currency exchange services.

Is UK Forex Regulated?

OFX  or as it was previously called UK Forex is registered. This money transfer and international payments firm has been operating since1998. It is a regulated financial service with a license from FCA.

Is It Safe To Transfer Money Using OFX? 

OFX offers lower transfer costs than the banks The customer can choose when they wish to execute the transaction and it has a mobile application for easy money transfers. Based on reviews, there are some technical issues and security lack when comparing it to other banking services.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money On A Transaction With UK Forex?

If you have lost money on the OFX, you can contact our expert team at Funds Recovery. We will help you with the process of legal disputes and reclaim your funds.

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